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Preparing for a home inspection:
1. Gas, electric and water must be turned on for home inspector2.  All arrangements must be made for access to the home, whether by agent or seller3.  All pets must be in a secure place or taken away from home during inspection.
What Happens when the Inspection finds items "In Need of Repair"?  
Many contracts contain an inspection contingency.  This clause permits the buyer to withdraw from the contract if defects in the property are found.  Assuming you still want to purchase the home, an alternative is to have the seller remedy the defect (s).  This can be accomplished in several ways:1. Have the seller make the repairs at their expense.2. Lower the purchase price by the amount estimated to repair the defect(s).3. Have the sellers include an allowance in the closing statement, which will provide the funds to make the repairs.
Buyer (New or Used)
The purchase of a new home is a major investment. Whether new construction or an existing home, you want assurance that there are no hidden problems that can cause unanticipated expenses.  Obtaining a home inspection before “closing” is an excellent way to help determine the condition of the home, and provide additional assurance.  Home inspections do not  predict future performance, but can help pinpoint existing problem areas. “New” does not mean perfect. Getting a home inspection before moving in helps to minimize problems before hand.  Most new-homes come with a one year warranty.  In addition, many older homes also have a “HOW” provided by the seller for one year.  It is a good idea to have the home inspected one to two months prior to the expiration of these warranties.  In many cases the inspection identifies concerns that are covered under the warranties and will allow the owners to have these conditions repaired at little or no cost.
Pre Listing
Most sellers assume home inspections are done only by buyers.  Savy sellers know differently. By having a pre listing home inspection, you can identify potential issues and may save thousands in buyer negotiations. You may also address the issues and make your property more desirable so that it will spend less time on the market.