We make our home inspections simple and to the point.

 When purchasing or selling a home it is very important that a home inspection is done right. We take pride in our work and there’s no rush when we inspect. It is important that we find hidden problems within the home as well as the outside area. We inspect every inch of the home. Our search includes
                                       Ceilings      Driveways     Patios
                                       Walls          Garages        Porches
                                       Closets       Chimneys      Floors
                                       Windows     Roofs           Doors
                                       Decks          Electrical     Smoke Detectors
 We do not make any repairs during or after inspection.
After the inspection is finished we deliver a well completed and understandable overview of the conditions of the home. This will give the buyer a professional written report that was documented
We are a member of the Housing Inspection Foundation